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Looking better is just the beginning! Scientific fitness training will also…
• Significantly decrease your risk for cardiovascular disease and premature death
• Improve your blood pressure
• Lower “bad” (LDL) cholesterol while increasing “good” (HDL) cholesterol
• Improve your posture, balance, and the health of your spine
• Decrease blood triglycerides
• Increase your flexibility
• Reduce your risk for (and symptoms of) arthritis
• Improve your cardiovascular ability
• Reduce your risk for developing cancer
• Reduce your risk of developing metabolic disease such as Type II diabetes
• Reduce risk of joint, bone, or muscular injury
• Improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity
• Retain active daily living as you grow old
• Reduce your risk of osteoporosis and bone disease
• Improve your long and short-term memory
• Reduce depression and anxiety; improve self-esteem

‘Eating right’ can mean different things to different people. For a precise, aggressive results-driven nutrition plan, we strongly recommend our PPT meal plan, which employs a personalized quantity of macronutrients at appropriate intervals. As for regular walking, this is not sufficient for total-body exercise: Strengthening bones and improving joint integrity and muscle health and balance require resistance training, and not all benefits of cardiovascular conditioning are achieved at the low-intensity of walking. Remember, your wellness plan involves more than your current health status; it greatly affects how you age and your risk of preventable medical problems.

Motivation is just the beginning! More than being your private cheerleader, it is the science behind the movements and the energy systems of the body that we use as a basis for your fitness strategy. A detailed exercise regimen can only be effective for a very short period of time before the body requires a new approach. This is the reason for so many “plateaus” in people’s training, which impede progress.

Our concern is the Perfect exercise cocktail that will both improve your health and reach your personal fitness goals! We’ll also ensure that your exercises are performed safely, to your full range of motion and with an appropriate intensity for your own training capacity. PPT takes the guesswork out of your workouts!

With our simple yet scientific program, you don’t need a home gym! Our fitness professionals specifically design your training sessions to use only their travel equipment. You’ll use the same kinisiological form that you’d use with machines at a gym, but with a better fit for your body.

Every trainer will make the decisions necessary to personalize your sessions needs. Some common tools are stability balls, wrist weights, ankle weights, dumbbells, resistance bands, ab rollers, and various balance equipment. All of these pieces will be manipulated in various ways to keep your training simple but extremely effective.

Perfect Personal Trainers are required to be more than just “certified.” Our staff all hold college degrees in the health or exercise sciences as well as at least one of the top six personal training certifications. Only these select NCCA-accredited certificates are accepted by Perfect Personal Training. While other fitness groups have little or no educational requirements for their trainers, we accept trainers with only the highest level of education. Our staff are experienced and insured professionals that have passed our internal screening process and continuously pursue higher education. We do not accept club trainers” as you’d find in most major fitness centers.

Exercise, in any form, is potentially dangerous to you. While exercise is completely necessary for proper health, it needs to be specifically designed for the individual’s medical history and personal needs. Exercise, in itself, is not the complete answer; your exercise programming involves the use of appropriate frequency, intensity, duration, and type. To keep your exercises safe and effective, you need a health care professional who has intensely studied the human body and who understands your limitations as well as your capacity for exercise.

Your personal trainer is commited to your progress! He or she will periodically assess your body fat, flexibility, risk for cardiovascular disease, posture, strength, resting & exercise heart rates, and aerobic capacity through a series of tests. He or she will also be glad to assess any other factors that might be of interest to you (ie. waist and hip measurements or grip strength).

Many trainers hold more than one certificate, but all PPT fitness professionals hold at least one of the NCCA-accredited certificates: NFPT, ACE, ACSM, NSCA, NASM, and NCSF.

The truth is that spot reduction, the concept of burning more fat in a particular “target area” of the body, does not exist. Your body determines where fat is stored and where it is subsequently reduced through caloric expenditure. This shouldn’t discourage you! Your PPT fitness professional will develop a plan to develop muscle tone, improve unsightly areas, and to bring your body fat percentage to a healthy level. Together, you will significantly improve your health and your body!

Although both male and female trainers are equally educated in the training of both genders, we will ask your preferences regarding your trainer’s gender, age, and even personality type. We will do our best to balance your preferred training schedule with your preferences. Remember, you’ll meet your trainer for a complimentary consultation and fitness evaluation before you spend any money.

What do you prefer? While many clients prefer to be trained by the same trainer at every session, others prefer to work with different staff members. PPT can usually accommodate either preference.

Clinical recommendations for preventive health vary based on a person’s medical history, but general frequency ideals for apparently healthy adults are as follows:
• Cardiovascular conditioning is recommended to take place at least five days per week for over twenty minutes at a time (more for fat reduction)
• Musculoskeletal conditioning for the muscles, bones, and joints should take place at least twice per week for each major muscle group
• Flexibility conditioning is appropriate nearly every day to keep circulation, joint mobility, and muscular elasticity optimal throughout the aging process

Your trainer will determine the best use of your session time and together, you will establish a healthy compromise of your needs.

PPT trainers often emphasize multi-tasking work outs involving hybrid exercises that train various muscles simultaneously. Further, most clients’ exercise is planned to train the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system at the same time. Even the rest period between endurance exercises can be used towards furthering progress. Our fitness professionals are trained to recognize their clients’ needs and to design their programs accordingly.

PPT fitness professionals offer training between 5am and 10pm seven days per week. If you are an early bird or a night owl, our trainers are available and eager to improve your health and to get you into shape!

PPT has two methods of payment: Our Standard method is the easiest — we automatically charge your bank account or credit card every 28 days until you decide to cancel. This is our simplest and most convenient billing method.

You can also enjoy considerable savings when you purchase our 40-Session Commitment Package.

Checks, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Discover are all gladly accepted forms of payment, payable online or over the phone. Sorry, cash can not be accepted at this time.

Treadmills and elliptical machines are excellent tools for cardiovascular training but they are far from the only means! Cardiovascular training is effectively achieved through repetitive movements of large muscles. Your trainer will choose the methods necessary to give you the proper cardiovascular workout, often using your bodyweight with added resistance from wrist weights and ankle weights. More importantly, your trainer will monitor your heart rate and fatigue, adjusting your program accordingly.

Our heart, lungs, joints, bones and muscles degenerate and lose functionality with disuse, especially after our mid-twenties. These degenerative qualities decrease our mortality by increasing our risk for cardiovascular disease, America’s #1 killer. Enjoying a long-lasting, healthy, energetic life with few limitations begins with well-programmed exercise and proper diet. A PPT health professional is qualified and eager to get you on track with both!

PPT specializes in house call training, but we do offer private and public fitness center training in some areas. Please contact PPT at 877-698-DO-IT (3648).