Perfect Personal training began in 2005, serving clients strictly in-person (before video call services such as Zoom and Skype were reliable).

Our unique fitness programs took place specifically in the homes, workplaces, or outdoor locations of our clients. Then and now, our in-person fitness coach services always involved three critical components:

1. Our “We Bring the Gym To You” initiative, where our personal trainers bring the equipment at no additional cost

2. An extreme level of personalization, so precious workout time isn’t wasted on generic, unhelpful exercise

3. A top coach with a strong clinical background in physiological adaptation

Today, we continue to offer the same results-driven programs in person, and have added much more!

The addition of two newer fitness programs (Virtual Video and Real-Time / Online Personal Training) has broadened the scope of possibilities.

Now, when you use our Meet My Matches search engine to choose the Perfect Personal Trainer, you’re no longer limited to those in your immediate physical area.

Your ideal personal trainer might live thousands of miles away from you, but with Real-Time / Online Personal Training, you can still have them coach you to success!

We also offer our Virtual Video app-based program for those who would rather workout on their own time.

With Virtual Video, the app shows your personalized calendar with the day’s workout or advice. You provide feedback through the app and meet your trainer periodically in video chat for accountability & discussion.

Don’t forget the importance of meal planning & nutrition coaching to complement your exercise prescription. We’re looking forward to your success!

Real-Time / Online is best for people who prefer in-depth, appointment-based programs and a strong connection to their ideal trainer.
Virtual Video is best for people with more erratic schedules or with smaller budgets for personal training. Programs are available for as low as $49/month!

Don’t forget the importance of meal planning & nutrition coaching to complement your exercise prescription.  We’re looking forward to your successes!