Perfect Personal Training specializes in personalizing the fitness experience.

If you’re shopping around for a long-term fitness solution to keep you at your best, then PPT is your obvious answer:
Most of our personal trainers have much higher education in the fitness sciences than typical personal trainers or health coaches.

Once your personal training or health coaching program begins, advisors from our Clinical Research Department aid our trainers in making the best decisions possible.

This means safer, faster fitness results and medically-appropriate exercise programming. With PPT, you just won’t waste time with exercises or intensities that aren’t moving you closer to your fitness goals.

Fitness classes & boot camps have their popularity, but there are downsides to fitness classes for the public:

  • Your physiological responses aren’t considered.
  • Calories burned per minute aren’t personalized.
  • ¬†Problematic joints go untreated.
  • Exercise programming ignores strengths & weaknesses.
  • Muscle imbalances go uncorrected.
  • Recovery periods aren’t personalized.

An exercise prescription needs to be tailored precisely to the needs of the exerciser. This is the case for even general fitness goals. It is especially important for those with specific goals or for those on a fitness deadline such as getting fit for a wedding or people preparing for vacation. While Perfect Personal Training does offer classes for corporations and groups. our speciality is in personalizing exercise plans & nutrition programs.

Most of our personal trainers are more than certified – many are college grads of the fitness sciences. Our personal trainers understand what adaptive overload should be based on a person’s capacities for movement and intensity.

For example, if your squatting capacity is twice your bodyweight, then to squat with only your bodyweight is not the best use of time.
Fitness classes are random, as they do not understand the precise needs of an exerciser.

Because the “sweet spot” is never reached, some exercises are too long or too intense, whereas others are too short or too light.

Adaptive, precise overload is an important part of safe, progressive, responsible fitness programming and personal trainer services.

Fitness prescription leads to much more than weight loss and muscle gains.

When targeted properly, exercise prescription leads to bone mineral density increases, normalized blood pressure, optimal recovery from stressful effort, improved cognitive function, improved joint health and much more.

Perfect Personal Training offers fitness precision online with our Real-Time / Online Personal Training, where you train in a videocall (just as you would in person). PPT sends equipment to your home at no additional cost throughout your program.

You can also have a personalized fitness program through Perfect Personal Training through our Virtual Video app-based personal training. This also includes limited videocall coaching and lots of app-based interaction to keep your program progressive and precise.

PPT also offers personal trainer services and health coach services in person. Where available, your new coach will travel right to your home or outdoor location. Your PPT professional even brings the equipment right to your door.

This makes it especially convenient and affordable to begin a personalized program.