Virtual Video Terms

You are purchasing an online program of fitness training, lifestyle/weight management consulting, or other wellness-related services. This includes pre-recorded video lessons and exercises as well as your choice of an included videochat or phone component for purposes of accountability and real-time discussion and leadership . While your recorded sessions are for use at any time during your paid program, these real-time sessions (herein referred to as TouchPoint sessions) are subject to our cancellation policy. By signing below, you are willing to schedule real-time TouchPoint appointments subject to PPT availability. PPT will reserve your requested appointment time(s) for you and you only. If you become unavailable for any scheduled appointment(s), you may reschedule under the following guidelines:

  • You are calling 877-698-DO-IT more than 24 hours before your scheduled time.
  • Your new appointment is subject to PPT availability.
  • Your rescheduled date must be within 30 days of your previously-scheduled date.
  • This is your first time rescheduling this appointment.
  • This session(s) is non-transferable and non-refundable.

PPT does not assume responsibility for any injuries or medical issues that may occur during or as a result of physical training or our health coaching services. Joint injury, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of the heart or other injuries or complications are unlikely yet potential risks associated with physical activity or following any health advice. Signing this contract acknowledges your understanding of these risks and your decision to begin fitness training, nutrition coaching, or other wellness services. PPT cannot be held responsible for any injuries or for the decisions of your instructor(s), therapist(s), or trainer(s).

PPT protects our assets, trade information, and intellectual property. By signing below, you agree that no non-PPT monies of any kind should, at any point in the present or future, be exchanged with any PPT representative or former PPT representative. No outside work should be offered nor accepted between you and any PPT representative or former representative. Evidence of offering or accepting work with a PPT professional will result in prosecution and entitles PPT to full reimbursement of lost revenue and other financial company losses relating to scheduling, advertising, name branding, and client relations. PPT is fully entitled to existing or potential damages, potentially upwards of $100,000 per incident, if non-PPT monies are exchanged.

If you do not understand these terms then please Contact for clarity.

I understand and agree to these terms