F.I.T.T. Exercise Programming with Perfect Personal Training

All exercise is not created equal!

While fitness classes can be a fun way to get motivated and exercise with friends, the FITT principles of your workout are not yours, but someone else’s.

FITT refers to the four critical variables that make up an exercise session.  If the variables are ideal, you get the BEST bang for your buck and use of your time.  When they aren’t, there is a higher risk for injury and there is just plain less productivity.

FITT stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.

The last one, “Type”, is the one most people connect with:  “What exercise am I doing?” Whether it’s sprints, lunges, the overhead press or any other form of exercise, the “type” only tells us what the exercise is and nothing else. It is the other three points below that make the difference between BIG results or little ones, and between SAFETY and risk.

The first variable, “Frequency”, refers to the frequency at which you’re accomplishing the exercise. Performing an exercise once per month certainly has smaller benefits than accomplishing it three times per week.  Each of your fitness goals and each point of preventive health has its own ideal frequency for a given exercise.  Your Perfect Personal Trainer helps you to not only do the right exercise (the “type”) for a given goal, but at a frequency that is safe and highly beneficial.

The second refers to the “Intensity” at which you’re doing something.  These recommendations are all based on a percentage of your estimated capacity. 

If the maximum weight that you can squat is your bodyweight plus 30 additional pounds, then it’s PPT’s job to program the right percentage of that intensity in each workout.  Some strategies involve a variety of intensities, often ranging from 50% to 90% of your capacity. This level of planning and education is what has made PPT so successful for over 14 years.

Finally, we discuss the “Time” you spend on an exercise.  This is measured in repetitions, minutes or seconds.  Many of our clinically-driven endurance strategies involve a longer amount of time (ie, 15-20 repetitions, or even several minutes of a given exercise) whilst the text behind strength enhancement often suggests shorter periods of time.  

Other variables that factor into PPT decision-making include medical factors, personal preference, and the amount of time we have in a session.  Perfect Personal Trainers throughout the country are balancing our clients’ needs and prioritizing their session time to maximize benefits while minimizing risk.

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